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Western Digital’s data warehouse team took a chance on Teradata and was rewarded with a dramatic reduction in time to value and a noticeable boost in performance to users.

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"Our new Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is handling greater data volume than our previous system, with increased query response time. At a time when our data volume is growing by the terabyte, we have seen queries that once took 24 hours now run in as few as two minutes."

Ross Gough, director, data analysis management, Western Digital,, Teradata Magazine Online, 2009

Western Digital’s abiding long-term commitment to quality control came about in the wake of a rash of product failures over a decade ago that led the company to establish an internal Quality Information System (QIS).

After carefully considering options from Teradata, Sybase, and Netezza, Western Digital settled on a Teradata solution in 2008. With Teradata, QIS was able to reduce query times from 30-40 minutes down to five to 10 minutes. Western Digital was also able to load and extract valuable information from upwards of 100GB of manufacturing per day, reducing load time from 18 hours to four to six hours. Together with SAS Analytics, Teradata has helped Western Digital begin to predict problems and replace faulty drives before customers experience failure in the field.

Western Digital is now a member of an elite group of technology companies – including eBay, Intel, and Freescale Semiconductor – that are currently realizing value from the high performance Teradata Platform Family.


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