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The Hunt for Customer Insight

Find out how Cabela's used powerful Teradata analytics tools to sort through a huge collection of customer data and take new and innovative steps to understand and market to consumers worldwide.

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"[Our] current partnership with Teradata has positioned Cabela's to provide more dynamic information to more areas of the company. We feel this expanded partnership will provide even more flexibility in terms of data availability and, ultimately, insights that can be leveraged to better take care of our customers."

Corey Bergstrom, Director of Market Research and Analysis, Cabela’s, Inc., Teradata Magazine Online, 2008

Cabela's began in 1961 with founder Dick Cabela selling fishing flies through classified ads and mimeographed catalogs with the help of his wife. Today Cabela's is the largest direct marketer in the U.S., with assets that include a bank, a travel agency, magazines and a television show.

Cabela's installed a Teradata system that includes the Teradata Retail Logical Data Model, Teradata Warehouse Miner and Teradata Professional Services to create a solid infrastructure along with a mature and tested data model to improve decision making.

Data warehouse technology and support software from Teradata integrate data from Cabela's retail store, catalog and online operations to address critical needs and will provide the insight and analytics required by business users. Teradata also provides Cabela's with professional implementation services, education and system support.


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Dynamic Strategy at Cabela's
Cabela's Teradata system integrates data from its stores, catalog and online operations to address critical needs and provide strategic and tactical business insight.

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