Analytics Should Be Everywhere

Get Analytics Where and How You Want It

The cloud. If you’re a business or IT leader, you know those two little words describe your future. Either there’s a mandate from above to go there or cost pressures that equate to a requirement.

Teradata designs and delivers high-impact hybrid cloud solutions that help businesses advance their analytical capabilities and drive more value from their data, even as they reduce data center costs and increase their business availability. So stop chasing rainbows in the cloud, and start making it rain.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud. Those three little words are a silver lining to mandated cloud migrations. The right cloud environment can enable more agility and “burstability” for the business, with increased capacity to ingest, orchestrate and analyze data sets. Plus, hybrid clouds – when done right – ensure on-premises and cloud-based tools and technologies work together, smoothly and synchronously.