Teradata Everywhere™: Unprecedented Data and Analytics Flexibility, Deployment and Choice


Simplified, Scalable and Unified Analytics — Where You Want It

Teradata Everywhere provides the full power of the Teradata software across an array of deployment options, providing you with unprecedented platform choice and flexibility.

what sets us apart

The Business-Changing Benefits of Removing Data Silos and Ecosystem Barriers

  • Future-Proof Your Analytical Environment: With Teradata Everywhere you can enjoy the flexibility of system architecture, platform choice, deployment options and purchasing models while enhancing availability, disaster recovery and business models.

  • Simple Ingestion of Multiple Data Streams: Intelligent, self-service solutions ingest and distribute fast-moving data streams throughout the ecosystem.

  • Precision Customer Engagement: Real-time marketing and customer engagements get smarter every second, making each new initiative stronger than the last.

  • Multiple Analytics Systems Act Like One: Integrated Analytics, accessible to business and technical users alike, from multiple analytic systems and data sources.

  • Mission Critical Availability: Turn a multi-system environment into one ecosystem with assured availability, optimized workloads and workload-specific platforms that meet performance and scalability goals.

  • Meaningful Business Insights: Convert data—all of it—to discover previously unknown business opportunities.


Performance and Power are the Core of Our Technology

The first step in connecting the dots across your business is actually seeing the dots. The second step is having all parts of your ecosystem work together seamlessly. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA) helps you achieve a unified, 360-degree view of your data so you can turn previously invisible opportunities into actionable insights; more effectively organize, store and leverage data; and make smarter decisions based on deep, relevant insights. The components of Teradata’s UDA include:

Teradata Everywhere™

The best database is also the most flexible database. Deploy both the architecture and business models you want, with cloud or on-premises hardware (or mix and match them) while incorporating data gravity and future-proofing your analytical environment.

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Teradata IntelliCloud™

IntelliCloud is our highly secure cloud solution built on the best-in-class Teradata Database and includes on-boarding, system administration, monitoring, encryption and daily backups. IntelliCloud is delivered "as a service" - we handle the technology so you can focus on delivering business outcomes.

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Hybrid Cloud

Teradata Everywhere, our data warehouse and analytic software, can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises with the added benefits of subscription pricing and rapid spin-up. IntelliCloud, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud offer solutions for Teradata Database, Aster Analytics, and Hadoop users, all with the same data warehouse and analytics software features available both in the cloud and on-premises.

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Analytics Platform

The Teradata Analytics Platform provides a modern analytic environment that integrates commercial and open source analytics, including AI, with the Teradata database. With this robust analytics platform data scientists can rapidly build and deploy predictive, prescriptive analytic solutions to enable autonomous decisioning.

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Data Warehousing

Teradata provides data warehousing and data management agility solutions to global companies who want a competitive edge. Built from the ground up with the world’s most powerful database, our data warehousing solutions are what the world’s largest and most competitive organizations use for actionable insights and decision-based analytics.

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Data Lake Products

Realize maximum Data Lake value for your organization while avoiding typical pitfalls thanks to Teradata design, implementation and support.

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Data Architecture and Software (UDA) Products

Capture, deploy, support, manage and seamlessly access all their data from a variety of data platforms including Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, Aster Discovery Platform, Hadoop and other systems in one unified system.

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Hadoop / Open Source Portfolio

If leveraging Hadoop is critical to your organization’s cost-effective data and analytics initiatives, we’re your unmatched resource for ease-of-implementation, time-to-value and advanced analytics. The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop has the industry’s most advanced and flexible Hadoop product platforms as well as best-in-class services, training and customer support.

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With AppCenter, data scientists and analysts are free to focus on new analytics initiatives without repeating projects, and IT personnel no longer have to maintain a large variety of single-purpose analytics solutions. It's a simple, web-based solution for building, deploying, sharing and consuming interactive big data app throughout your organization.

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Real-Time Marketing

Pinpoint your best bets for customer messages, channels and timing with a real-time decision engine created for marketers to support personalized customer communication needs.

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Customer Interaction Manager

An integrated, enterprise approach to planning, developing, and managing customer communications across multiple channels, product lines and business locations.

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Multi-system Unifying Software

Leverage all data with multiple systems acting as one.

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Teradata Database

The most powerful database in the world, leveraged by the biggest brands in the world.

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